Yocan Regen Battery


  • Preset Temperature Settings
  • LED Light Indicator
  • 1100mAh Battery Capacity
  • Inclusive Wax Container

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About the Yocan Regen Battery

Outfitted with a 1100mAh battery, the Yocan Regen Battery is an authentic and original replacement battery that offers more than enough power for on-the-go sessions. In classic Yocan fashion, the Yocan Regen Battery is outfitted with a single power button to allow simple and straightforward use making it an ideal tool for heating your select wax concentrates for when you’re out and about. The single power button works in conjunction with the battery's preset temperature settings. Equipped with the ability to change the temperature level where you expose your select extracts allows consumers to personalize their sessions without having to go through so much trouble. Together the single power button and the preset temperature settings make the Yocan Regen Battery a functional but practical battery.

Preset Temperature Levels

The Yocan Regen Battery offers three preset temperature settings right off the bat. The settings are low, medium, and high, and are rated at 3.0 volts, 3.5 volts, and 4.0 volts respectively. As you would expect, the lower temperature settings are ideal for more flavorful vapor production while cranking the temperature levels up to the highest setting gives you more of a potent hit. The lower temperature levels allow the extraction of the terpenes and the natural flavonoids your wax concentrates have to offer while the higher temperature levels allow the more potent psychoactive active ingredients to be extracted into the vapor. This level of flexibility and customizability is unheard of in a battery as small and as affordable as the Yocan Regen Battery. This is the perfect replacement battery for the Yocan Regen and is a must to have in your arsenal if you own a Regen.

LED Light Indicators

Remember that preset temperature setting? Yeas, you can track the temperature level of your battery just by looking at the LED light indicator conveniently placed at the top of the power button. This means that knowing the temperature level is no longer guesswork and understanding how your battery works are made easier. The LED lights are straightforward, one LED lit means that you’re running on the lowest setting, two means you’re at medium, and three means you’re at the maximum temperature setting. The LED lights are easy to see even at broad daylight so you can always tell what the temperature setting is no matter the situation. It’s also not overly bright that it gives you away ad becomes annoying when you’re dabbing in the club or in low light settings.

Wax Container

Although sold as a replacement battery, the Yocan Regen Battery also comes with a hidden wax container. This means that you can always carry extracts especially for when you’re out and about. The inclusive wax container is lined with silicone which means that the wax concentrates will not stick to the edges and the sides of the container so you get the exact amount of wax concentrates that you put in. Also, because silicone is an inert material that does not transfer heat, you can expect the wax concentrates to be faithfully preserved allowing you to reap both flavor and potency.

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  • 1 x Yocan Regen Battery

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